WHat the hell can I do for you?

After hearing about your relationship issues, from a neutral point-of-view, I will advise you on how to best move forward. I am here to do whatever is needed to make your current situation better. We can also do anything needed to help you move on and clear your head, including but not limited to, talk into the wee hours of the morning, do adventurous things (skydive, rock climb), drink tea and eat crumpets; literally anything that tickles your fancy (deemed appropriate by me of course)! 

While consultation can be done over the phone, unlike 98% of people today, I love face-to-face interaction! I'm also available via skype, facetime, email and the submission form on this site. If you’re questioning whether or not to give this a go, always remember: We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take. 


Set pay structures SUCK (almost as much as love). Being paid based on performance is the shit. That being said, I let my clients determine their rates. Pay me what you think I have earned after receiving my services. If you ever see me on the Venice Boardwalk with a sign that says “Will Kick Self in Head for Money,” you’ll know why.